Funding for BOLD Alumni

Young Handsome Dan, the new Yale Mascot, a bulldog puppy, sitting in front of a "Y"Young Alumni: For 2018, there are funds available to help pay for Camp Yale Emeritus events that focus on you! This year, AYA and Camp Yale Emeritus will help pay for events for newer Yale alumni, who are often referred to as Bulldogs of the Last Decade (BOLD).

How much funding: AYA will provide up to $100 for each BOLD event in reimbursement of expenses. Actual funding may be based on the number of attendees. (Some of the funding is being provided by alumni as part of the Camp Yale Emeritus effort.)

Reimbursement requires meeting standard AYA guidelines as to receipts, etc. plus emailing us at Camp Yale Emeritus at least one photo showing folks at the gathering having fun.

Funds are available for quite a few events, but still … it’s a pilot program so funds are limited. Let us know what you are planning early so we can confirm funding for your event..

Eligible activities: To be eligible for reimbursement, an activity must (a) be focused on young alumni, (b) be hosted (or co-hosted) by BOLD alumni, (c) be open to all local BOLD alumni and (d) be registered as a Camp Yale Emeritus event.

However, activities do not have to be large – planning an event for one or two dozen attending is fine.

Like Feb Club Emeritus events, Camp Yale Emeritus events will be organized by individuals, groups of alumni, and Yale Clubs and regional associations. A Yale Club or regional association can help arrange more than one eligible Camp Yale Emeritus event, or can help arrange several Camp Yale events only some of which might be eligible. That is, a Club could have a Camp Yale event geared towards young alumni and another geared to a different segment of its members (though only the events geared towards BOLD alumni are eligible for funding).

AYA guidelines for receipts: Basically, alumni direct purchases of party supplies (such as burgers, buns, and beverages) can be reimbursed. Purchases of food and beverages from a restaurant also count. Legible photos of receipts (use your smart phone) are good enough, though originals, photocopies and scans are OK too. Most costs for smaller events are likely to be of this kind. However, costs of contractors such as venues or party planners or costs paid by such contractors must be pre-approved by AYA and must be paid directly by AYA.

Questions concerning funding or how to host can be directed to Ben Slotznick ’70:

Larger events: Planning a larger event for more than 50 people? There may be additional funds available, for example, to help pay rental for the venue. Contact Karen Jahn of AYA to discuss (