Why Host?

several people backpackingWhy Host a Camp Yale Emeritus event?

1)  It’s easy and fun – and an effective way to promote clubs, classes and shared interest groups.

The Camp Yale Emeritus website does much of the promoting, and the events can be simple and inexpensive.

2)  Camp Yale Emeritus draws people who otherwise aren’t engaged in alumni activities.

3)  Camp Yale Emeritus reaches diverse groups and attracts young alums. Part of this is because the parties are as diverse as the locations.

What do I need to host a Camp Yale Emeritus event?

All it takes is a host, a venue and a date. The rest usually takes care of itself. You can register to be a host by sending us the event information.

Questions?  Contact us at bslotznick@gmail.com.  We would love to have you and those in your area join our Camp.